"We had a blast designing your custom diamond arrow ring! Thanks again! Brittany B.

"I love my LSU graduation ring! Thank you so much." Leslie R.

"David Pierson Jewelry has been a real presence in our lives. Sweet 16 pearls, engagement rings, baby cups, and even my retirement gift to my self!! David's designs are part of our family." Cathy W.

"My sapphire ring is just so beautiful!" Pamela S.

"Our daughter had a great time designing her very own cuff bracelet. David even helped her incorporate a pearl her grandfather found in the Thanksgiving oyster dressing! A great experience for all of us!" Kimrick D.

"I love my high school graduation ring! It's perfect!!!!" Esabel W.

"You made a pin for my mom commemorating my dad's service in the Navy. It's one of my favorite pieces to remember her by."  Cynthia P.

"Your custom bracelets are amazing! The cheetah on mine gets so many compliments. I'll be back for more, for sure."  anonymous

"David your boot for our Kicking Parkinson's fundraiser brought us not only donations, but so many compliments. Thank you." Penny D.

"Our area schools can always count on David Pierson Designs for a contribution. Everyone's favorite seems to be those bracelets of his." Covington Mayor

"My ring was a Victorian piece that David found for me. But that isn't the best part. He actually made a band to compliment it AND found a necklace that matches almost perfectly. I never take them off." Barbara L.

"I'd be in trouble if it weren't for David Pierson's jewelry. It means Christmas to my wife." Ken S.

"If you're a guy and you are looking for the perfect gift for your girl or wife, David is your man. He always knows what's right and he'll work with you to get it." Luke B.

"Very few people know that David has mentored a lot of kids through his shop. Students from [our high school] have been able to apprentice there and all of them have graduated with something to show for their time at David Pierson Designs." Local High School PR

"Well, we got the bidding war we were hoping for, David. I cannot tell you how much our hospice organization appreciates your donation." Linda A.